Saturday 30 December 2017

A very Morrie year...

Well hello there my brilliant Blogville buddies!

Well, with less than twenty-four hours until the new year it's time to...

Hee hee, yes, that's right!

It's almost the New Year!!

There is nothing happy about this stupid headband. GET. IT. OFF.
So before I barrel into 2018 -

I do like barreling into things...

I thought it was only appropriate that I look back at what has been a very Morrie year.

The year that was:

  • I learnt to fetch! (Well that's what mum and dad think. In reality I just taught them to give me lots of treats while I play with one of my favourite toys... )
My training started indoors - 

Before we ventured outside!

  • I made lots of new friends!

My park group grew....
Oh you... 
 And grew....

Oh good, more fur-friends!

You're all here for me?! Excellent...
And of course - I joined Blogville and made even more buddies!!!!

I love my Blogville friends!!
  • I discovered LOTS of new human foods!
Mmmm...Weetbix looks pretty good!

But not as good as the ice cream tub!!

Oh look - I can get my whole head in here!!
Oops.. I may have been a little vigorous in my licking...

Okay well the ice cream may have mysteriously run out, so maybe just give me a whole plate of potato gems...

Yes that should do me...
  • And I also discovered that while tennis balls may seem tasty, you shouldn't eat them :(
Apparently this might be hard to digest...
And if you do eat them - 

You can expect to have your tummy shaved and end up stuck in the dreaded Cone of Shame:

Thank goodness my hair has grown back now!

I wasn't the happiest guy with my Cone of Shame...

  • But despite my near-death experience, I somehow made it to my second birthday!
Woohoo! Birthday boy!!

And I cannot wait to see what 2018 will bring!!!

It's party time!!
See you next year!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."

Thursday 28 December 2017

My special visit from Santa Paws!!

Happy Holidays my furry friends!!

I've been so excited reading about everyone's visit from Santa Paws, that I wanted to share my own...

Well the morning started as it should -

With me sleeping in.

Shhh...Those reindeers need to keep it down!
But I was quickly jolted into action, when I discovered something new under the tinsel...

Well hello there Mr Stocking... 

Hooray! Santa Paws had come to town!!!

And after such a big build-up, I'm very pleased to report that Santa did not disappoint!

Please be food.. please be food... please be food...


A bone! Santa knows me too well! 

The first thing I found in my stocking, was a big, chunky bone!!

What a great guy this Santa is, I couldn't wait to see what else was in store for me.

There must be more...


A special Christmas tree raw hide treat!!
Now at this point I got a little... ummmm... preoccupied -

Leave me alone mum! I'm busy...

And mum had to point out that there was still one more treat in my stocking...

A festive bow tie!!

Yes! Stylish and festive.. well done Santa!
It was a super morning, and just when I thought things couldn't get any better..

Mum called me back to bed for a special gift just from her!

Gimme, gimme, gimme!!
And then my amazing papa treated me to the funnest present of all...

A squeaky pig! Don't worry papa, I'll demolish this in seconds...

Well I'm very proud to say the squeaky pig was missing one of its ears and most of its stuffing within minutes..

And my raw hide treats from mum didn't last to see daylight!!

What a great Christmas!!

Thanks so much to all my Blogville buddies for their great Christmas cards too -

So many great cards!
You've all really made it a very special Christmas!

Until next time!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."

Sunday 24 December 2017

Felicitations Festive Fur-friends!

Festive Felicitations my Fantastic Fur-Friends!!

I'm so excited I can't believe it's only ONE sleep until Santa Paws comes!!!

Hurry up Santa!! I'm ready for you!!!
First of all, I have to say a super big thank you to all my Blogville friends who've sent me Christmas Cards...

Every day the postman has been stopping at my place -

Come on Mr Postie - follow me! I know where all the Christmas cards need to be delivered...
And I'm overwhelmed by all my special greetings!

Oooh! Look at all my fur-friends!!
I'll be taking that thanks mum...

Of course, I've been busily sending cards overseas too -

And to make mine extra personal.. mum let me have a special photo shoot!

I love the camera...and the camera loves me...
Well, needless to say I was the most handsome dog the photographer had ever had the privilege of capturing...

And naturally, she loved my session as much as I did -

The photographer and her assistant are just loving the fact that I won't sit still...
But for some strange reason she also said I was the only dog she "didn't trust", to take the lead off -

Telling mum she needed to "keep me restrained."

Well why would you leave all these baubles and boxes out if you didn't want me to play with them?!
Thankfully she quickly understood that I only work for treats...

And we finally got there!

What a great result! Happy Christmas to all my friends!!!
Anyway, now all my cards are posted, the presents are wrapped....

It's time to snooze ahead of the great Santa Paws' arrival!!!

Can't wait for you to arrive Santa!!

Until next time!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."

Monday 11 December 2017

The Great Santa Paws Preparations...

Hello and festive greetings to all my fur-friends!

Well what a busy time of year it is!

I'm sure, like me, you're all madly indulging in the Christmas spirit:

Catching up with friends 

Not sure if this is a fur-friend or a furry mop....?!

Enjoying festive food

Nothing more festive than eating an antler.. I'm assuming it's reindeer antler!

And of course, practicing the perfect pre-Santa slumber

Hee hee... Santa will never notice I've kept one eye open...

This will be my second Christmas, and although I don't remember much of my first one, I could never forget the amazing gift that Santa left me last year!

Can you believe it?! A giant, edible candy cane!!!

Well ever since mum told me it's nearly Christmas time again, I've naturally been waiting for my giant candy cane to arrive...

But strangely, it hasn't?!

Instead, over the last week, some bizarre looking intruders have been appearing all over my house, invading my happy home!

What the heck are these things?!

These wooden star people don't look very friendly...

And neither do these winged weirdos...
Even more infuriatingly, all these new arrivals, have been placed JUST out of my reach...

I can see it, but I can't reach it...

How am I supposed to get up there and eat - I mean greet - these new arrivals?!

At first I was incensed, and naturally engaged in a full day's sulking.

Sulking... and hugging my teddy... but mainly sulking...

But then Mum told me the intruders are not permanent visitors (thank goodness!), but are actually special decorations that will help us to prepare for Santa's arrival.

Well I'm sorry mum, but I don't think Santa would want to share a space with these freaky, long-haired creatures...

Don't look so smug, I can see you're up to no good...

And what did the pot plant ever do wrong to you?!

Poor guy, I know what it's like to be dressed up in silly outfits...

But aside from the disappointment in my mum's interior decorating...

There were some very welcome arrivals this week -

Christmas Cards from my Blogville friends!!!

Open it, open it, open it!

Can you believe, I've already received TWO Christmas cards from my friends!

Two cards!!!

This one is from Lassie and Benji!

And this was the inside of Abby Lab's card!!

Well naturally they took pride of place in our living room...

These look much better than mum's silly decorations!

And now I'm hoping for many more of my fur-friends' cards to arrive..

So I can use them to cover up all of mum's awful decorations... and make sure Santa Paws isn't afraid to stop by my place again!!

Hurry up Santa!! I'm waiting...

Until next time!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."