Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Beach Boy (and the day I saved my dad's life)

Hello there my super-troupe of fur-pals!!

I am so happy to have made such a pawsome new group of friends, and many of them are all the way on the other side of the world!!

But as you all know, I live Down Under in Australia, and I must admit that sometimes I get a bit jealous when I see photos of my blog friends playing in snow, meeting strange animals, or getting one of those delicious looking Chewy boxes that seem to be everywhere... (Come on Mr Postman, surely you can get one of those over the ocean to me?!)

Thankfully though I'm a glass half-full kind of guy, and I do know how to appreciate what I have (unless one of my friends has a larger treat than me - that means war).

Ignore those other guys... give me the treats
And one thing I do appreciate, is how close we are to the beach!

Just a short walk from home and I can be digging in the sands, snorkelling in the shallows, and sniffing through the seaweed and seashells!!

A true blue beach boy
If I'm not digging or sniffing, you'll find me being a super intrepid little guy, clambering over the rocks even when mum doesn't want me to...

Get the lead off me mum, I only fell off the rocks once before...
In fact I love the beach so much I will even go there when it's windy -

So windy... can't control my beard....
And when I have a friend come and visit, it's the first place we'll go!

 Stick with me fur-friend, I'll show you the best spots....

So when mum suggested we go for a beach date the other day, I couldn't get her out the door fast enough!!

If you don't hurry up mum I'll drag you there....

The adventure started off brilliantly:

I stalked seagulls...

Get out of here you pesky birds...
I dug in the sands...

Look at that sandy nose!!
And I kept a watch on the ocean - from a safe distance of course...

Hmmm... looks choppy out I stay on dry land...

But then the day took a dramatic turn.

I was happily running along the beach, when I noticed something that made my heart stop!

My papa was stranded miles out... in the middle of all that deep water!!

How did he get stuck out there??!
I spotted him straight away, and I knew at once that he needed my help.

What could I do?

I had no choice but to get him out.

Now I'll be the first to admit, when you're built like a brick with short and stumpy little limbs, swimming doesn't come naturally...

No..this doesn't look like a great idea...
But I had no option but to be brave -

So I mustered all my courage, and took on the waves.

Don't worry papa... I'm a-coming!

As you can see, I worked my hardest.. taking on the huge waves which were lapping up around my tummy... and racing up and down the shoreline to shepherd my papa back to safety.

It was exhausting - but finally, finally I managed to get him out!

Wet, tired, but relieved...
And (even though he insisted he'd just been for a "swim") I could tell that papa was so grateful I'd saved his life - 

Yes, you should be hugging me. I'm a hero.
All in all, it was an exhausting day...

And I have no doubt there's a bravery medal on its way to me very soon.

Yes. That does suit me.
Until next time!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Spring Time!

Hello my favourite fur-pals!!

Good news... Spring is finally here!!

Well actually, I'm not entirely sure what this means, but mum seems excited.. so naturally I am too..

So excited... using fur-friend as a ladder!

Here are some things that mum has taught me about Spring:

First up, Spring means SUN!!! 

Sunshine, warmth, and did I mention sunshine?! Oh I do love sunshine...

It's sunny - just like my personality (when I'm not hungry...or tired...or any other time really...)

More sun means longer days, extra times for walks, and of course - more time to get out and play with friends!

He might be bigger than me... but he's no match for my Springy personality!

Spring also means it's okay to flounce around like a newborn lamb!

Oh wow, that is one tasty - urgh, I mean happy - looking guy... *licks lips*

And while I'm no lamb, I do enjoy a bit of flouncing...

Take that lamb! I can out-flounce the best of them! 

Best of all, Spring is the time to SPRUCE YOUR CABOOSE!!

And when you have the shape of a brick and the mane of a lion... that takes quite a bit of work...

Watch where you place your paws Mister....

But the results are definitely worth it:

Spring-a-ding-ding!!! Who is that devishly handsome man??!


In the midst of all that sunshine, flouncing and sprucing, I have made one worrying discovery:

Spring is not all daffodils, fluffy white clouds and glittering water.

This sunny season has also brought about some concerning home invaders....

And I am of course, talking about these evil creatures:

What even are these awful things?

I have no idea what they are, but they float in when you least expect them, luring you with their evil, soft tentacles, then disappearing as quickly as they came.

And whatever they are, they've basically made my life a nightmare.

We all know that my number one duty as leader of the pack is to patrol my turf and keep my pawents safe.

What would they do without me?!

And I must confess, it is a job I take very seriously.

So now, as well as having to patrol my yard to keep it free from unwanted humans, fur-friends, and possums... I have to try and keep these funny floating things at bay!!

Come on mum... don't let it go... I nearly got it!! 

To be honest, I've actually found Spring a bit exhausting!

Talk to me in Summer... I can't deal....

So much so that I've decided to declare the rest of Spring a wash-out,

And if you need me, I'll be here -

Spring can go and Spring right outta here...

Until next time!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Birthday time!

Hello there my fabulous friends!

I must apologise for being a bit slack on the old blog posting over the last fortnight -

But as you can see, I've been absolutely flat out...

Quiet please - men at work...
But, my hectic schedule aside -

Last Friday was a very special day, because mum turned 21... again!!

Happy Birthday mum... you don't look a day over 40...
The morning started with me and papa sneaking into her room and surprising her with different coloured wrapping paper for her to play with...

I'll help you shred it mum...
But for some strange reason, mum seemed more interested in the contents of the wrapping paper than playing with the packaging... 

Well this is boring...
But once I'd got over the disappointment of her not appreciating how much fun you can have with wrapping paper, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that almost all her presents had a theme -

Papa helped me select my gift for mum this year, and I was excited to see the good people at Radley clearly understand that Scottish Terriers are not just the most desirable breed when it comes to finding your lifelong companion, but we also make pretty fantastic fashion statements.

What a great bag! There are two Morries! 
And, it wasn't just me and papa that followed this trend.

Mum's dad is getting on a bit, and over the past year I've really made a big effort to get him out of the house every so often...

Come on Grandad... let's go to your happy place...
Anyway, it seems my community service has really made an impression on Grandad, because he gifted mum this great shopping bag - also with lots of Scotties on it!

So many images of me! 
Even Grandma joined in the fun - with this classy, but appropriate Radley purse...
It's nice, but it could use more of me on it...
And my Aunty Anna really took it to a whole extra level - sniffing out an incredible Scottie lamp!

Wow... it's so life-like!

It even lights up like me! Oh, hang on...
At first I loved the lamp, because, you know, it looked like me, and what's not to love about that?!

But then I noticed mum starting to hug the lamp, stroke it, and even pat its rump the way she does with me, and I was worried I was being replaced...

Come on mum, I'm clearly much cuter...

It doesn't even smell like me...
But thankfully she put it aside as she went to open another gift - this time from my Aunty Lizzie.

I was really excited about this last present because Aunty Lizzie said it would be something for me! This seemed like it was going to be the best present of the lot, because nothing says "Happy Birthday Mum," like giving me a present...

Unfortunately, it turns out that my Aunty Lizzie really doesn't like me that much -

What the hell?!
Yes that's right, my Aunty thought that humiliating me with a bee costume would be a great gift -

Get this off me...
Worst of all, mum seemed to agree -

Get it off right now...
Thankfully the nonsense was over quickly, and mum has put the stupid bee costume away...

But bee warned Aunty Lizzie...

I'll bee getting you back when your birthday rolls around!!!

Until next time!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Cone free!

Hi there my fab-pack!

As you all know, it's been a tough time for me recently, after an unexpected encounter with a tennis ball ended with me in emergency surgery.

Drugged up and checked out :(

But, after a good week of sulking, refusing to move, and doing everything I can to get myself out of the horrid Cone of Shame...

Things finally started to look up -

Mum stopped giving me the nasty tablets, and told me I could take the stupid plastic cone off, if I was a "good boy" and "stopped being such a sausage."

I love sausage, so I decided to show her that I was well again, and ready for cone removal.

Firstly, I showed her that I could walk outside on my own, and even discovered that I enjoyed getting some fresh air.

Mmm, that fresh air tastes good....but where's the sausage?

I also stopped sleeping all day, and led my self to the front gate - proving I was ready for our usual walks.

Just working on my tan... where's the sausage?

And, with a bit of practice, I slowly got better at moving around in my cone.

In fact, I even got back to my usual day-job of patrolling the perimeter of my property!

It's just a shame those stupid trees kept getting in my way :(

Best of all, I convinced mum that I needed to be hand-fed.

She's a sucker like that...

Truth be told, I was actually getting used to my cone, and I'd started to accept that maybe I'd be a cone-head forever.

But then the day I'd been dreaming of suddenly arrived.

Papa suggested a "short walk" and I was more than happy to oblige - 

Where are we off to papa?
When we arrived at the vet, I was hesitant.

Last time I came here I ended up being a cone-head...

But you won't believe what happened...

Not only did the vet take out my funny purple stitches....

But she TOOK OFF the Cone of Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My cone-free ride home
 It was so liberating!

It's hard to describe the feeling of being cone-free again... but I am so, so happy.

When mum got home she took me for a celebratory play at the park...

So happy


I am still waiting for that sausage.


Until next time! 

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The cone of shame

Well hello there!

Please excuse me for not being my normal chipper self today... and for hiding under the table as I write today's entry.

Please don't look at me

As you can see, despite my best efforts, mum and dad have left me trapped in the plastic Cone of Shame.

I have no idea what I've done to deserve this treatment, but it has been hell.

Mum keeps saying:

"Well you shouldn't have eaten that tennis ball."

But I can only assume my parents don't love me anymore.

Yes. I am sulking

Over the past days I've been subjected to all sorts of nasty tablets, 

and been kept indoors - imprisoned in a pen all day long.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I've even suffered the indignity of having to try and eat with the Cone of Shame on:

At times mum and dad have carried me outside, telling me to:

"Get some fresh air."

I'll give you some fresh air

But I've refused to move, just sitting there sadly, staring at the grass and shivering violently as my shaved, exposed tummy feels the full brunt of the cold.

And no - putting my favourite blankie on me does not help

All in all, it's been a miserable time.


But last night I did manage to find some joy...

When I taught mum a thing or two about making me wear the stupid Cone of Shame - 

Hee Heeeeeeeee!!!

Until next time!

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."