Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Watch what you eat (my life and death story of swallowing a tennis ball)

Hello again!

Please accept my apologies for not being with you in person to give you my signature head-bump greeting of affection...

Unfortunately this week has been one of great drama for me.

Being a Scottie, I'm used to taking on - and winning - my share of battles.

Nice try buddy...

I'm also quite adept at wrapping my ample fangs around many an object...

They call this a 'long lasting' chew stick...ha!

But, on Monday night, I met a foe greater than even a Scottish Terrier could take on.

Let me set the picture for you:

It started out like any evening walk, with me dragging mum out the front gate -

Hurry up...
I met a few friends at the park, and we started playing chasey (I was winning of course).

A blurry photo of me winning chasey at the park

But then one of the humans threw a tennis ball into our game, and things became heated.

My friends suddenly didn't seem to accept that I was the natural leader of the pack, and that I should therefore have unlimited, and uninterrupted access to said tennis ball.

I made a point of securing it in my generous jaws and keeping it off them, but they were relentless - hounding me for the prize that was rightly mine.

What choice did I have?

I was put in an impossible position - keep the ball to myself and lose my friends, or hand it over and lose the respect of the pack.

So, I did what anyone would do; I ground it as hard as I could in my teeth, hoping I could either break it into pieces so we could share it, or destroy the ball so it was no longer an issue.

Trying to grind the ball into submission

Unfortunately, somewhere between trying to destroy the ball and break it into pieces, I managed to swallow it...

Mum became hysterical. She rang the vet crying:

"My Scottish Terrier has just swallowed a tennis ball, what do I do?"

I tried to insist I was fine.. but she was not having it.

Before I knew what was happening, I was being dragged back home, loaded into the car, and placed before a scary vet:

Trying to escape from the vet's clutches

This part was hell, and I have to admit it brings back terrifying memories as I recount it for you.

At first, the vet gave me a special liquid, which he told me would be tasty. He tricked me, and the substance made me vomit.

He seemed angry that no tennis ball pieces had come out.

I then tried to run away -

When that failed, I was taken "out the back" where they did a scan of my tummy...

Apparently this is not good

There were discussions about whether to perform "surgery" or an "endoscopy."

I didn't know what it all meant, but I was adamant I didn't want to be a part of whatever witchcraft this vet was peddling.

But despite my pleas, no one believed that I'd be able to digest the tennis ball naturally, so I was left at the scary vets in a cage overnight... and the next day I was given an injection.

I have no idea what happened after that.

I woke up a few hours later in what can only be described as a groggy haze.

My tummy was sore - and SHAVED - and for some odd reason there was purple thread stitched along my abdomen -

But by far the worst development was that a plastic cone had been attached to my collar, making it impossible to reach all my favourite licking spots.

I instantly hated the cone, and knew I had to escape the vet's evil clutches if I had any chance of getting it off me.

Thankfully dad came to pick me up the next day, and I was hopeful that this nightmare was over -

So embarrassed...I can't even look at you dad

But for some odd reason both mum and dad have left the plastic cone on me, and I still feel groggy and tired...

I have no idea what that evil vet did to me, or what was in the tennis ball... but I know I'm determined to grow my beautiful hair back, and get this awful cone off me...

But first I think I'll have a nap...

So tired...

Hopefully next time we meet, things will be back to normal...

"...because there's nothing minor about being a Morris..."


  1. Hey there Morrie! Wow, yu 8 a tennis ball!?! Grrrl, don't do that agin! Hope yu can dump that cone o' shame reel soon!
    Thanx fur stoppin' by my pafetic doggy bloggy thingy!

    I'm off to read the rest o' yur adventures now.

    1. Thanks Zoe! Yes it maybe wasn't the smartest thing I've done.. but it was quite tasty, and I wish mum believed me that I'd be fun just digesting it myself! Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. An' I gotta uh-pol-o-jiz fur callin' yu a Grrl! I blame Mommy. It wuz early o' clock here an' she hadn't had enuf coffee an' thot yu wuz a grrl.
      Ack, gud help is hard to find.

    3. Ha ha don't worry Zoe! When I was little all the strangers used to call me a girl... now I look nice and manly though :)

  2. OMD, what a scary, scary time!!!! Oh my, I am soooo glad to hear you are home and on the mend....although the cone of shame isn't much funs. Get well sweet fella and stay clear of any vicious tennis balls for a while!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Thanks Princess Leah,
      Yes it's been a strange few days and mum has been very upset. I keep telling her I'll be fine but you know what pawents are like... sometimes they just won't listen! Anyway I hope I won't be so tired soon... Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Morrie,
    OMD pal I am so glad you are ok!!!
    So no more swallowing tennis balls.
    Rest up pal we got the Demo Derby coming up at
    Oreo's blog, ya gotta be in shape to drive a race car.
    How freaking exciting is that?
    Here is the link go on over and join the fun.
    Hope to see ya there.
    Get well soon!!

    1. Thanks Astro! I'm working hard at relaxing so I get back to full health... the Demo Derby sounds great fun! I'll definitely join in :)

  4. Oh Morrie, I saw your comment on Angus's blog and decided to come and say hello to a fellow terrier. And boy you are a true terrier for sure! I do hope your tummy is feeling a bit less sore before long. Leave the tennis to Andy Murray, I say.
    Toodle pip!

    1. Hi there Bertie! So great to meet a new friend!! Sorry I'm not my usual energetic self, but I'll follow your adventures so we can stay in touch :)

  5. Oh Morrie my word I am so sorry your fun walk turned sour in a heartbeat. Yikes you at the tennis ball in pieces. Jumpin' Catfish...those things are tough you must have some sharp toofers.
    Feel better good buddy
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. Thanks Madi! Yes I do have some rather impressive fangs that I am very proud of... but they also get me into some trouble at times... I'm banned from tennis balls now :(

  6. OMD! I has never swallowed a tennis ball, but I has skinned em before.

    1. Hey Kinley! I'm impressed you've skinned a tennis ball! I don't recommend eating them though... I have a strange hair cut now (they shaved my tummy), and these weird purple stitches along my abdomen! I also feel quite tired :( Hopefully I'll be back out there again soon!

  7. OMD - what a scary thing to have happen! Thank doG you're okay, Morrie! I am tennis ball obsessive too and mom is always keeping a close watch on me.

  8. Hey Morrie, nice meeting you. Thanks for stopping by our blog. You know, you look just like Dui--playing with that cattle dog. Sheesh! He always goes right for the throat and hangs on. We have trouble finding 'long lasting' treats, too. We're like right back asking for another before SHE gets the packet put away.

    Tennis ball looks horrible. We just chew off the skins and break them into little pieces. We don't fetch for anyone! Sorry you ended up with the Cone of Shame.

    1. Yes tennis balls are much more deadly than I realised! Glad to hear that you just chew the skins off but don't eat them... I don't recommend you do what I did!!
      Look forward to staying in touch and hearing about all your adventures!

  9. Great to meet you! Wow - your Mom did good considering, MY Mom would have fainted. How very scary. I've been pretty good, only chewing up a CD case, but didn't swallow any of it. Barkley once ate a dead frog - Mom was LESS than happy about that.

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

    Abby T. Lab

    1. Thanks for visiting! It's great to meet so many new friends while I'm stuck at home in bed! Look forward to staying in touch :)

  10. Morris, that is a horrific story of suffering! We are so glad you are okay after suffering at the hands of the evil dogtur who gave you knock out drops! Butt, I gotta say I admire your tenacity in keeping that ball safely in your Jaws! Thanks for stopping by our place!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

    1. Hee Hee I'm glad you appreciate my strong jaws! I'm very proud of my fangs.. (mum is less of a fan).
      Can't wait to stay in touch with all your adventures!

  11. What a frightening and painful experience! No more swallowing balls, Morrie.

    Thank you for coming by. It's so nice to meet you. We're going to be gone for a while, though. :(

  12. HOLY COW PATTIES! DUDE! Good plan, bad execution! Next time, NO SWALLOWING! I am sure glads you are okays now ~ good job to your peeps gettin' you down to the evil vetties and let them perform their witchy rituals, cause I don't thinks that was 'digesting' anytime soon! You knows, Ma had an Irish terrier that swallowed peach pits (two of them!) and had to have the same thingie done. She was right as rain in a week or so, so you might have to put your park furiends on hold for a while, butts what a fun time when you return! Sendin' lots of POTP and healin' vibes and AireZens!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Oh thanks Ruby! Glad to hear you know of someone who's been through the same thing.. coz right now I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps :( Hopefully I'll pick up soon - and more importantly I want my beautiful hair to grow back!

      Lots of licks, your friend Morrie!

  13. Miss Maizie here - I do wanna thank-u fer stoppin'by my blog
    (well, 2 b truthful, it iz really fer me'n Lady Shasta) an'I wanna welcome u 2 Blogville - really a grand place 2 b.
    Now then, what'z this'bout tryin'2 EAT a tennis ball? Oh PLEEZE don't do that never more cuz then u end up tryin'2 git away frum the vetman an'goin'nowhere, a shaved belly an'the cone of shame an'thoze r def'nitely not good either.
    Hope u r duin'better today.

    1. Hi there Miss Maizie!
      Thanks for welcoming me to Blogville - I'm really enjoying it and I've already met lots of new friends! I must admit I do feel a bit silly about eating the ball now coz all my friends are telling me I shouldn't have done it! 🙈 Oh well.. I guess I've learned a lesson!

  14. Oh, NO!!! It's great to meet you, Morrie - but wowzers! How scary! I mean ... great concept, but swallowing a tennis ball?!?! Thank God (and your vet and fast-acting mom!) you're ok!!! Whew!
    Are you cone-free yet? That thing is the worst.
    Your sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

    1. Thanks Margaret!
      Sadly I'm still stuck in the cone of shame but mum says I'll be able to take it off soon!!! They'll also take the purple stitches out of my tummy so that's good too! ☺️

  15. Oh my Cod! We're glad you're okay but we hope you stick to eating chick-hen instead of tennis balls from now on! It's tastier too! By the way, thank you for stopping by our blog!

    Angel & Isabella

    PeeS: Your attempted escape made our mommy giggle!

    1. Thanks Angel and Isabella! I'm feeling a bit better but I'm definitely regretting swallowing that ball! Who could've known that was not a great idea?!

  16. Hi Morris. I'm Oreo and we have a welcome wagon to welcome new doggie. We'd like to feature you. Please email us at dcraftsalot@yahoo.com


  17. Hi Morris. I'm Oreo and we have a welcome wagon to welcome new doggie. We'd like to feature you. Please email us at dcraftsalot@yahoo.com


    1. Hi Oreo! Wow that sounds amazing! I'll get mum's help to send you an email 😊

  18. Hello Morris! OMD - you have had a rough go with the tennis ball. Hope you are healing well and feeling well.
    Thanks for stopping by the PugRanch
    Hazel & Mabel

    1. Thanks Hazel and Mabel,
      I'm feeling a little better now but still soooooo sick of wearing this stupid cone of shame 😔 Hopefully I can escape it soon!

  19. Wow, what an experience! We all like to play ball and there are nine of us, so we have to take turns. Swallowing a whole tennis ball seems like a kind of extreme way to control the game. Do you know Dui? You Aussie Scotties seem a little intense. You guys need to chill like us Portuguese types. It's really nice to meet you and we hope you get rid of your hat soon. We've all worn them from time to time, so we can sympathize. Rest, recover and chill out.
    The Portie Pack

    1. Thanks for visiting The Portie Pack! And yes I may have overstepped the mark a little by swallowing the ball... but sometimes a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do... 😂 At least I've learned my lesson (I hope!)

  20. Oh, dude, that's just awful. We're so glad your mom got you to the Stabby Place right away. We felines don't usually chew n tennis balls but some of us do have a great love of string....